The Cavalry is coming!

Having (vainly?) pushed the Citizens’, or Basic Income for 40 years, I am now assured that it is about to happen any minute now!

Thanks to Andy Pointon for sending me this link.

Meanwhile, heavyweight support for the basic principle of giving everyone (in the world) an unconditional income comes from Tim Harford, of the financial Times

OK folks, that is my blog for this week. I was about to work out something which brought together Garry Kitchin’s intriguing Tweet implying that socialism was a better idea than the Citizens’ Income, the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds’s failure to use the CI principle fully, Archbishop Sentamu’s Presidency of the YMCA, who  employ workfare slaves, whilst claiming that he deplores workfare, and a book written by Sam Brittan and Steve Webb in 1990 “Beyond the Welfare State: an Examination of Basic Incomes in a Market Economy”. As it says on the tin, it sets out the case for a C or BI from a market perspective. But there goes another dog which should be barking at Iain Duncan Smith, but isn’t (Apologies if he has) .

But all this will have to wait, as will my misgivings about the approach of some of the new intake of Green Party members to population.

One caveat though. The article linked makes no mention of the relevance of the Citizens, or basic Income to ecological issues. Pity, but maybe my bluff is about to be called. I have always claimed that the citizens’ Income will facilitate sustainable atitudes even if that is not its purpose.

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