Benefit cuts: the third suppressed news item

Climate change and the TTIP abolition of democracy should be the top topics, but only Johnny Void and boycottworkfare will tell you how this government is savaging the poor. I have listened to ‘Any questions’ tonight (BBC Radio 4). Not a word. On ‘Question Time’ (BBC1 TV, Thursday) the Scottish Nationalist panellist used a bitter reference to the sheer cruelty of this government’s attack on the poor as part of his case for Scottish independence. Paddy Ashdown had earlier made glowing claims as to how the government had helped those not being crucified. All this was ironic, because one of the team enthusiastically implementing government benefit cuts – Esther McVey – was on the panel, but a relevant question was not asked.
The media are allowing a concerted campaign to claim a reduction of unemployment, and an increase in self-employment, when the reality is thousands of desperate individuals dealing with increasingly inhumane measures as best they can. Johnny void cuts through this cant with the statistics for benefit claims by employed individuals. If the claimed trends were genuine, the benefit bill would be going down, not soaring.
But why is this not news?

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