DWP exposed; Why George Monbiot is wrong about Scotland

Another damning account of the reality of Iain Duncan Smith’s demolition of the welfare state, and George Monbiot has come out in favour of Scottish independence. Means testing is wrong, but the Universal (Citizens’, Basic) Income is the natural answer, not this return to the dark ages. I am grateful for these details of just how nasty are the results of the DWP policy: ‘get people off benefits, even if we have to pay private companies more than we save’.

I questioned my own sanity in an earlier blog post, but to take on George Monbiot must surely be a symptom. He takes the view that England is an unwholesome bedfellow. I do not necessarily dispute that, but in my opinion that is as irrelevant as the similar UKIP claim relating to the rest of Europe. I am breaking my rule of never mentioning UKIP, because of what their real game is. UKIP have limitless funds from transnational corporations. Their real purpose is to make sure that national governments are as splintered as possible, so that transnational corporation can divide and rule.

George Monbiot and I are agreed that TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership should be one of, if not the most important issues. No mention on the BBC of course, any more than the NHS walk from Jarrow to Westminster. These are not topics those really in power wish to be discussed. Of course UKIP have already succeeded, along with nationalist parties elsewhere in undermining the likelihood of the EU standing up to the transnationals, but it remains our only hope.

Scotland? There are all sorts of things which can and ought to be devolved. For example, it has always made sense to me that England (let Wales make its own decision), but not Scotland, should be in the Central European time zone.
Short, early blog this week. Green Party Conference.

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