What I hoped to see in the 2015 Green Party Manifesto

Climate Change & Basic Income

A Citizens’ Basic Universal Income is necessary for three reasons: It will ameliorate any recession, and make a steady state economy – what  enemies will call a recession – feasible if (the Green Party believes when) necessary to preserve the planet’s life support systems. Secondly, it will facilitate a rapprochement between workers and bosses. For example, under a regime of work compulsion, Zero hours contracts can be an obscene form of slavery. With the threat of benefit sanctions, the boss can dictate whatever terms he likes, but with a Basic Income when no one is forced to work, only mutually beneficial contracts can be offered.

But regardless of caring for the planet, or healing the divide between capitalists and workers, the Citizens’ Income is fair. From the point of view of the person in the benefits trap, losing a means tested benefit is exactly the same as a tax…

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