Polarization – a casualty of austerity

Last post till election (maybe). Busy. Please use my Basic income Briefings! Polarization gets worse. Zac Goldsmith does not think lessening inequality is essential, but the leader debates disappointed me.

The Green Party’s original raison d’être was of course impossible. Parties that believe in growth must always outbid one which acknowledges Limits to Growth. But my long term vision that the Basic, Citizens’ Income will heal the divide between rich and the oppressed looks farther away than ever – due to the austerity it would deal with in a sustainable world.

The Green message could be got across without compromising anything, but without spooking groups we  could be appealing to. I understand the fears of those who think immigrants are driving wages down. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant. And I have a track record of persuading voters in Conservative areas to vote Green with this doorstep message:

“The Green Party was founded to stop humans trashing the planet. We can’t promise success, but on thing we can be certain of is that people like you will pay higher taxes. If you want a planet fit for your grandchildren, then it will have to be a much less unequal planet.”

The fact that this is the nastiest government since the one which passed the Poor Law Amendment Act in 1834 should make it easy to use the Basic Income. There are Conservatives who felt more comfortable with Macmillan’s brand of Toryism, who are uneasy about benefit sanctions, the bedroom tax, and the report which says welfare cuts are responsible for food banks.

That’s it for now folks unless some burning issue crops up. It’s all in my blog, somewhwere.

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