Greens to back Zac Goldsmith?

It would have been surprising enough if Baroness Moulsecoomb (Jenny Jones) had said she personally supported a bid by Zac Goldsmith to become London Mayor. But the Green Party??

That is what it said in the ‘Metro’ free newspaper last week. I would be encouraged by this report of support by Jenny, now the Green Party’s member of the House of Lords, and our 2012 Londond Mayoral candidate, even though Zac has been a disappointment to me, but the Twitter and Facebook reactions I have seen confirm my impression that Green Party support is unlikely at this stage. I have not been asked for my opinion. Whenever I remind Green Party members that Zac was close to his uncle Edward, who was a member of the embryonic PEOPLE, now the Green party, they are still appalled that such a rich kid , and a loyal voting member of a nasty government should be viewed with anything other than disgust. The report looks even more bizarre in the light of Sian Berry’s declared bid for the 2016 Green Party candidacy. Sian was the Green Party Mayoral candidate at the 2008 election, and would be an extremely able representative.

Since publishing this post my attention has been drawn to another possible contender, Rashid Nix, whose 9.43% poll in Dulwich and West Norwood in the General Election is not to be sneezed at,

Obviously Jenny, being at the centre of things, knows something that the rest of us don’t, but if this is a serious possibility we need to be told. Bold leadership by leaders is refreshing, but the Green Party does have a grass roots consensual tradition. For all I know Zac has expressed opinions on matters such as transport, air quality and the like which make him a highly suitable candidate. He has spoken against TTIP in Parliament, but the issue has not yet been voted on. If he could give assurances that his views on social justice are in line with the Green Party’s Basic Income scheme as opposed to Iain Duncan Smith’s hateful Department of Work & Pensions regime, and he accompanies Caroline the next time she gets arrested for interfering with the eco-lunacy of fracking, Green support for him could be an imaginative, game changing decision.


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