Universal Basic Income: How the Labour Party Could Stand Up for Workers, Help the Poor AND be Pro-Business

I didn’t know about the other Labour MPs. Maybe Corbyn using the Basic Income is less far fetched than I thought, but if so, it should be in his campaign NOW.

Gold Against The Soul (@PaulKnight85)

The vote on 20th July on the government’s proposed £12 billion cuts to benefits exposed the mess that the Labour Party is in over welfare. Acting leader Harriet Harman’s urge for her party’s MPs to abstain from the vote and the subsequent rebellion by the 48 Labour MPs who voted against it revealed a widening rift within the party. Notably, of the four candidates for the leadership of the party, only Jeremy Corbyn voted against the bill, stating that he was “not willing to vote for policies that would push more children into poverty”.

Social security is a complicated issue for Labour. Seen by many as the party of benefits, it has been claimed that Labour lost the last election partly because the electorate considered it to be “a party of punitive taxation for the very richest, used to pay welfare for the poorest – with little…

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2 responses to “Universal Basic Income: How the Labour Party Could Stand Up for Workers, Help the Poor AND be Pro-Business

    • I think 1994 actually. You have got me thinking. I hadn’t heard that, but if the Lib Dems do, and the Green party leadership remains as obtuse as ever, I, a founder member might have to defect to the Lib Dems. They might be more capable than either the GP or Corbyn, let alone the Labour Party generally, of grasping the concept of offering drastic redistribution and an end to means testing in return for letting market forces rip. Baroness Seear understood the BI’s ramifications, but the rank & file Lib Dems didn’t.

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