How important is Climate Change?

Once upon a time, a motion to prioritize climate change would have been unnecessary at Green Party Conference. Today, a procedural motion that the motion ‘be not put’ was the only way to avoid the appalling likelihood of the green Party voting against arresting climate change as a priority.

The many passionate speeches against, obviously supported by many (most?) at conference, came from those for whom social justice, and the ending of poverty was top priority. Warnings that climate change would engulf their concern were apparently lost on them.

But haven’t I kept stressing that the Basic , or Citizens’ Income should be the Green Party’s ‘Flagship’ policy? Yes, in the context that everyone understood the gravity of the threat posed by climate change.  What those passionate speakers against, and indeed their supporters in the hall fail to understand is how the Basic  Income combines ecological realities with social justice. The two policies need to be joint top priority, and no other party will do this.


4 responses to “How important is Climate Change?

  1. I was in that debaye and was aghast at teh ‘vote not fto vote’ on prioritising climate change! But I love your emphasis on the importance of Citizen’s Income on enabling both climate and social justice to be achieved at the same time! I keep finding myself coming back to thinking and reading about Citizen’s Income. It’s the Big Idea!

    • So sad and infuriating – all these hard lefties who think ending poverty will be possible with climate change. I can’t get them to listen to the Basic Income. Just keep telling everyone you meet.

    • It’s all sort of embedded in most blog posts. My 2011 book, £12 if I see you, + postage otherwise, sets it out coherently, though there is the book resume on my blog ‘pages’. Other ‘pages’ also help to answer your question. The best I can do to put it in a nutshell is to say that without a steady state economy, all other enviro/eco measures are akin to cooling a fire by putting logs on it. But a steady state economy will be condemned as a recession, so the Basic Income will be necessary to ensure that everyone has basic needs. It allows a zero growth economy to be a policy option.

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