What Rupert Read says about Greens after Corbyn

I have just read Rupert’s article in the New Statesman (3rd Sept.). If only he had the guts to spell out the unavoidable implication – recruit ex-conservatives! Academic that he is, he goes into too much detail. I have proved on the door doorstep that this message works in Tory strongholds:

“The Green Party  was formed to combat threats to the global environment, of which climate change has emerged as the most serious. The forces ranged against us are powerful, so we cannot promise success. but what we can be sure of, is that a planet fit for your grandchildren will be much less unequal, and that means that the better off – you judging by your house and car etc. – will pay more in tax. You will get value for money.”

Last month’s Bournemouth conference depressed me because if it is representative of the wider party, we are heavily infested – I deliberately use provocative language – by  those who at best have no understanding of, and certainly no sympathy with the ‘Limits to Growth’ concept on which the Green Party was founded.

The Green Party was founded expressly to ensure that social justice was combined with a recognition of ecological realities. This is a final appeal to those who vote against motions to prioritize zero growth or climate change, or think that population limitation is a fascist idea (that used to be the case before ‘Limits to Growth’). Either take the trouble to understand what Rupert is trying to tell you, or bugger off to help Corbyn’s doomed cause. He is no more capable of thinking outside the box than you are.



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