Paris bomb atrocities

What has the Basic Income to do with bombs in Paris? It can usher in a new, world-wide co-operative culture. Climate change and Isil are not in separate compartments, but climate change, remains a bigger threat. Instead of trying to bomb Isil out of existence – or seizing another excuse to clamp down on individual freedom – we need to ask Why a world-wide Caliphate? Why now? And why such extreme tactics? Why are these guys not shopping in malls like everybody with any sense?

None of the seven Paris bombers last Friday expected to survive. Their motivation must have been extremely strong. I have been arguing for a new culture, a new ethos as an alternative to growthism, of which capitalism is a driving force, but there already was an enemy to growthism in the field: religious fundamentalism. It has merely evolved, and developed more specific features. There have already been demonstrations against the atrocities in Paris attended by Moslems in Amsterdam, and probably other places, but the fact remains that religious conviction must be at the heart of such extreme actions. Even the decision to stay and fight in Syria instead of risking life to reach Consumerland is hardly a soft option.

As with the IRA, many of those ‘radicalized’ were no doubt already embittered individuals due to life experiences, and needed an excuse for revenge. A native of the Amazon rainforest was reported as saying of the men bulldozing their homeland

“Why did their mothers not love them enough?”

I do not understand those who see no problem in continued population expansion, but “Every child a wanted child” has always seemed self-evident to me.

I do not believe in Utopia. There will always be conflicts, not always resolved by discussion, but I do see possible answers to a major problem confronting us now.

So do Isil.


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