#CutOsborne: suspected terrorists @Dis_PPL_Protest occupy Parliament!

Benefit s anctions force many who ARE disabled to claim, so all disabled claimants have to be assumed to be faking it. The imminent collapse of the Universal Credit means that the Green Party’s Basic income willsoon put a stop to this horror.

Mr Topple

In an age of “freedom of information”, news on constant overload and access to people, places and procedures never-before seen, you’d be forgiven for thinking that hooking yourself up to Twitter or 24/7 news, Matrix-style, would suffice to understand the world we live in.

You would be sorely mistaken – or at least I was.

Last Wednesday, in Parliament, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) staged an occupation of Central Lobby, against the on-going decimation of the Welfare State by the previous and current Governments. I’ve supported DPAC since I started using Twitter and have always been overwhelmed by their resilience and use of effective, inventive direct action – which trade unions could (and need) to learn a lot from.

However, this was the first time I had witnessed it “in the flesh”, if you like, and it was a truly remarkable and pellucid experience – for numerous reasons.

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