Open letter to the Bartley/Lucas Green leadership bid

Dear Caroline & Jonathan

I propose to set in motion the nomination procedure to oppose you as Leader of the Green Party. Communication is difficult during the leadership election campaign, as I only have Caroline’s parliamentary email address, and Jonathan does not give an email on the Green Party website

I have sent an appeal to Caroline, but as it was on the parliamentary address, which I gather is out of bounds for the leadership campaign, she may not have received it.

A few are urging me to stand against you. A much greater chorus says it would be madness, ineffectual, damaging etc  etc  etc. . .

I had decided not to do so, but then I looked at your website. I even found what I was looking for:

“Learning how to live well on a planet of finite resources is the most pressing challenge we face.”

But I only found it by clicking ‘Read more’. I am afraid that made me abruptly reverse my decision not to stand. It is intolerable that what used to be the Party’s core raison d’être should be reduced to a hidden afterthought.

The whole idea of opposing your leadership bid is not only madness etc, I do not want to do it. My appeal to you both is to put the quotation above so that it is the first thing everyone sees. For all I know you may relish a contest. I do not.

I have two further, less crucial requests. It would help if you linked the statement you have already made to the prospect for the success of the Paris Agreement on Climate change last December. You could include a reference to James Hansen’s research, published at the same time as the ‘Paris’ agreement, that abrupt climate change was a more serious threat than formerly thought.

You could also point out that the Citizens’ Basic Income has been Party policy since its inception as a means to achieve sustainability. I understand that you intend to feature fuel poverty in your campaign. I would welcome the opportunity to explain how the CBI is not merely relevant, but central to both sustainability and fuel poverty, but I shall not have time to do this if I have to stand against you.



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