The Green Party is not as diverse as it should be – too white middle class and elderly. I plead guilty to all three charges. But in mitigation I claim that even before I helped to start the Green Party in 1973, I was keenly aware of discrimination all around me. Having been brought up in a passionately socialist household, and having been a Probation Officer as my career, I remain as firmly committed to social justice as my parents were.

But that is the point. It would help if the Green Party could recruit from minority groups which do not yet join in proportionate numbers, but what matters is that society is fair to all its members. I claim that the Green Party’s record on that score is better than any other Party currently enjoying public support.

If elected as leader, I shall be a team player. Rashid Nix is someone from whom I would seek advice on how to make the Party more diverse.

But first things first. If James Hansen’s warnings about the urgency of the threat of climate change are only half right, minorities will receive short shrift in the ensuing economic breakdown, just as they always have done whenever there was not enough to go round. I am still urging the Citizens’ Basic Income not just as a fair redistribution from rich to poor (which it is, quite rightly), bbut as a means to achieve a ‘soft landing’ of the economy, instead of the accident which all falls in economic activity have been in the past.

I keep pointing out that the Basic income, although a very practical measure, is important as leading to a totally new culture of co-operation in place of the divisive nature of society today. Anyone , whatever her/his start in life, will be able to rise to the top. No one will be condemned to permanent poverty or debarred from opportunities simply because they are poor and disadvantaged.

I think once this message has become more widely heard, members of those minorities not as yet widely represented in the Green Party will begin to respond.

This is not an official communication on behalf of the Green Party

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