Fracking Bribe; Midsummer nightmare (How Greens might win)

Natalie Bennett has appealed to Green Party members to oppose fracking.

Of course we must all write to the Prime minister as she asks, but as I have blogged more than once, although the ecological case against fracking is overwhelming, so is the economic case for, as long as economic growth is the unquestionable norm.

The £1billion ‘Shale Wealth Fund’ bribe puts a whole new complexion on the issue. It is obviously preposterous  to use taxpayers money to buy off opposition in this way, but I can afford to be appalled. I am under the impression that there is no shale gas under my home, and I am comfortably off with a triple lock on my Old Age Pension. In any case, from my ‘safe’ vantage point, the bribe seems  unlikely to be all that attractive, given he tight margins the company looks likely to be working to, but with a short enough time span, such a bribe may be made attractive enough to enough householders, quite apart from those who think jobs may materialize.

But if there is to be the remotest chance of halting runaway climate change, all fossil fuels must stay in the ground,. This Guardian link expresses the case against fracking on climate change grounds better than I could, but there is one aspect not made clear. That short term advantage can only be removed as a possibility by a recognition that economic growth as conventionally measured cannot from now on be the way to ensure prosperity.

The Citizens’ basic income give s everyone money so that they can contemplate measures which might help preserve the Planet’s life support systems, and prevent measures which will hasten their destruction. The Shale Wealth Fund encourages a specific group of people to do the latter

Now for something completely different, as ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ used to say. (What, none of you remember it? No matter.)

Dateline:14th August 2016. Tuesday 16th August: Theresa May calls a snap general election for Thursday 8th September. (OK. OK, I know she can’t, but there are ways of wangling it. She persuades her own Party to vote for a motion of No Confidence in her or something). She does this so that Jeremy Corbyn will still be Leader of the Labour Party.

18th August. An extreme weather event occurs in the London area. Roofs are ripped off by tornadoes, and the Thames Barrier is overwhelmed by a massive tidal surge. Although damage is extensive, there is no loss of life, and it is generally judged to have been a narrow escape from a much worse catastrophe.

As this happens to London, the entire nation is transfixed. The Green Party points out that it was formed to forestall this sort of thing. Better late than never, but action will of course have to be international. Oh wait, we agreed all that at Paris last December, didn’t we?

The General Election takes place, and the Green Party makes massive gains, mainly at the expense of climate denying Conservatives.

C L becomes Prime Minister. Mind you, the Green Party believes in joint leadership. One of the new intake of Green MP’s happens to be Andrew Cooper . . .


2 responses to “Fracking Bribe; Midsummer nightmare (How Greens might win)

  1. Don’t want any bribes not from Greens or Fracking – Citizens income will come from global corps that Greens are in bed with and protecting at this planet’s expense, British wildlife’s expense and a decimated Eastern europe’s expense.

    • Citizens’ Income only implies a functioning public finance sytstem. I ama ware of no evidence t o support your assertion that Greens are in league with global corps and are therefore harming wildlife and Eastern Europe. The fact remains that paying homeowners and no one else to accept fracking is wrong.

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