Success at the Chepstow Green Gathering

I think I may have achieved my objective. A ’Twitter’ poll says I am on 8% in the Green Party leadership contest.

Am I serious in standing? I am absolutely serious on the need to do something about abuse of the ecosphere, and that the Green Party should be an essential part of that ‘something’. Did I seriously expect to lead the Green Party back to the looming global crisis it was founded to address?

Ah well, that is where the hustings held at the Green Gathering at Chepstow on the 7th August might be relevant. Jonathan Bartley, David Williams and I were present. The ‘Twitter’ poll puts Bartley & Caroline Lucas in the lead as joint candidates, as was expected.

A woman put a question to us. I cannot remember her precise words. I hope she will forgive a little dramatization (I don’t think she mentioned Jeremy Corbyn), but the gist was as follows:

“Jonathan, you are an excellent candidate. You are smooth, assured, with issues and responses at your fingertips. The media will love you, and I am sure you will be an asset to the Green Party. But I don’t find what I am looking for in the content of what you say.

Clive, on the other hand, is no more leadership material than Jeremy Corbyn is. But Corbyn is saying what most of the Labour Party want saying on their behalf. Clive is saying what needs to be said by the Green Party. Jonathan, is it too much to ask that you take on board Clive’s message lock stock and barrel?”

One possible assessment of Jonathan Bartley is that he is not yet quite at the top of a steep learning curve. During the hustings he has started to mention the Citizens’ Basic Income where he didn’t at first. But ‘Lock stock and Barrel?’ We shall see. I haven’t finished working on him.

If the ‘Twitter ‘ poll can be relied on, everyone who has not yet voted can rest assured that they are not electing a Green version of Jeremy Corbyn (though more than one person has described me as a lookalike). But as I keep saying, I have a 43 year record of successfully standing the ‘wasted vote’ argument on its head. If you feel the same way as our questioner, you must put pressure on whoever does become leader of the Green Party by giving me your first preference vote. If that 8% for me is accurate, whoever you give your second preference to will get the benefit of it on the second round.


3 responses to “Success at the Chepstow Green Gathering

  1. Hi Clive, Could you point me at the Twitter Poll please?I think your presence in the race has been extremely important in calling out all the other candidates on Citizens income and Finite planet arguments vis exponential growth and that is and has been absolutely essential. Personally I would go further than you and urge RON above Caroline and Johnathan as Caroline should not be burdened with her half of the leadership responsibilities and Johnathan has said he neeeds to Job share and can spare only half of his time.

  2. Roger Glyndwr Lewis ‏@RogerGLewis now
    @politicallynate on first pref B/L 30% Ron 8.3% Malone 20.83% Willaims 25% Warin 4.17% Cross 3.75% and Lord 4.5% …
    Nates poll
    Green Leadership 1st Prefs Poll

    Bartley/Lucas 41 (+1)
    Malone 31 (=)
    RON 12 (-1)
    Lord 7 (=)
    Williams 7 (=)
    Warin 2 (=)
    Cross 0 (=)

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