Climate: is it already too late?

Last week I wondered about an unlikely role reversal: Exxonmobil enforcing the ‘Paris’ Climate Change Agreement against a democratically elected President’s attempts to nullify it.  It might be too late already.

I discussed the possible conflict as a ‘Tragedy’, a reference to the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ which is responsible for the crazy dynamics driving Donald Trump’s attitude to climate change, and which until last December’s agreement, also determined the policies of several oil companies. This looks like a real tragedy

Although an Atheist myself, I joked during the recent abnormally early cold snap and severe weather in Britain that God so loves humans that instead of melting Arctic ice, and so triggering runaway global temperature rises, he has instead chosen to use the extra energy in the atmosphere to lift vast amounts  of water, which is quite heavy, and drive hurricane force winds. Unfortunately what has actually happened is that there is so much extra energy that it has shifted the cold air which normally forms over the entire Arctic Ocean into Siberia. This is no local aberration, it is an unprecedented continental sized shift.

Scientists are worried. Politicians have what seem to them more important concerns. What are Trump’s plans? How does Britain extricate itself from the mess which Brexit is turning out to be? Will Jill Stein’s recounts make any difference? Three days ago I would have seen all or any of these issues as this week’s topic, but now, they pale into insignificance. I am only aware of two reports of the climate aberration, in the Financial Times and the Guardian. Obviously you won’t find it in the climate sceptical media, but has it been mentioned on TV or radio? Not necessarily a guide, but no one I have spoken to was aware of it.

No doubt readers will laugh at this, possibly my last plea to at least consider the Citizens’ Basic Income. Even if we have more time than the scientists think, it will still be a good idea, as it would have been throughout the 43 years I have been proposing it to stave off climate change in good time. It will allow the absence of economic growth to make sense if/when that becomes necessary. We have just had yet another warning that growth may be about to be prevented anyway.

At least if it is in enough people’s minds in time a Basic Income will reduce the death toll.

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