Ken Livingstone, Hitler and the Jews

Will everybody not in the labour Party please calm down and consider these basic facts:

1 Hitler said all Jews should live in Israel, in 1932 as an outsider, and Israel was still no more than a distant ideal. (A bit like the Basic income.)

2 Hitler saying something doesn’t make it wrong. If it does, aren’t all you vegetarians ashamed of yourselves?

3 Opinions on Zionism, especially before Israel existed, have no bearing whatsoever on the behaviour of settlers on the west bank, or the Israeli government’s condonation of them.

2 responses to “Ken Livingstone, Hitler and the Jews

  1. Thank you Clive for bringing some sense and clarity to this non-issue. Shame on the Labour Party for failing so spectacularly to unite and become the opposition the country so desperately needs.

  2. I found it interesting that this really came up as an issue when the main Labour party where trying to dislodge Corbyn as a leader. Co-opting such an issue for political gains feels very wrong. More generally making certain subjects absolute taboo to discuss shows a distinct lack of trust in humanity and also inhibits our ability to learn the true lessons from history.

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