Whatever happened to the Progressive Alliance?

On Monday my motion to the Leeds GP based on my last blog: Progressive Alliance Mark II, lost, by 17 votes to 19. Why?? I asked three who voted against. Timing, they all said. An interesting idea, but it should be pursued after the election.

The motion would have urged the national Party to ask local Green Parties unilaterally not to oppose Labour or Lib Dems in certain seats (as per my last blog). This would only affect about 10% of the seats we contested in 2015. In return, we would request – not demand – a free run in a few seats.

This failure was incomprehensible to me, until I realized that those voting against must believe that PA Mark I had a ghost of a chance. It never did.  If I were a Labour or Lib Dem strategist, I would regard keeping the Green Party on the sidelines, or better still, removed from the scene altogether, as more important than proportional representation.

PA, according to Caroline Lucas no less, was intended to achieve a hung Parliament with a view to obtaining proportional representation. A fresh election would be held as soon as possible. I could not agree more. Failure to strike whilst the iron is hot only makes sense if you believe negotiation is realistic. The strategy I wanted to propose would reveal which view is correct, but unless some new issue is injected into the election campaign, Mrs. May’s calculations are likely to be sound, and we shall be governed not only following a hard Brexit, but by 5 more years of irresponsible climate scepticism and scrounger-bashing. And 5 more years of believing in PA Mark I

My previous blog also suggested that we should stand against climate denying Conservatives. I personally believe that the warming of the Arctic Ocean due to there being open water during this summer where there has always been ice until August will cause severe weather events, but these will probably not start until after 8th June. Unfortunately it makes no sense to feature what is by far the most serious threat, because voters are not much interested in it. However, purely as a sub-plot we could mention in passing that should such weather events begin to disrupt economic activity, the Green Party has been proposing a Basic income ever since its foundation as a way of dealing with such a recession (or any other recession).

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