Is the government going Green?

Has the government been reading my blog? Perhaps not, but two recent turn ups for the book make me wonder.

Chasing votes in Labour strongholds always was a bad idea. Instead, I said we should go for the leafy shires, emphasising this government’s appalling record on protecting the ecosphere – bulldozing fracking applications against local wishes, pulling the plug without warning on the Feed in Tariff, (destroying a budding industry in the process), T May downgrading the last department specifically concerned with climate change as her first act as Prime Minister . . .

So why this sudden lurch in the right direction if she doesn’t actually see the Green Party as a threat? Caroline Lucas’s comment on diesel cars points out  how inadequate the government action really is. Investment in batteries is fine, so far as it goes.

Meanwhile the fracking drill is now in place at Preston New Road, its installation protected by the Police as per government instructions reminiscent of Orgreave. The UK still has far fewer solar panels than Germany, and most of those there are are made elsewhere. Theresa May chose not to join in the otherwise unanimous protest in Europe against Donald Trump’s irresponsible decision not to support the ‘Paris’ Agreement on Climate Change.

The government may have spiked the Green Party’s guns a little (assuming it had any intention of pointing them in the right direction), but there is still plenty of scope for the Green Party to do what it should have been doing all along – explaining to those who live in the leafy shires, who are more likely to worry about the ecosphere than those feeling the pinch of austerity, what is really needed.

What is really needed? A Citizens’ Basic Income to make feasible what I am told I must never call a recession. For the rich people whose support is needed for an economy limited to what the ecosphere can cope with, it will feel like a recession, whatever you call it.

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