Basic Incme and Harvey Weinstein

This particular piece of female emancipation, the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, was bound to follow other recent advances sooner or later, but as long as there are men in a position of power harassment or worse is likely to persist for some considerable time yet.

Most, but not all men are by nature polygamous, or polyamorous, as one guy I heard describing himself, but for most of us it is important that it is mutual. I do however have a confession, from an era when attitudes were rather different.

There were occasions which I thought of as ‘banter’, which today might be classed as harassment. Why? I did not think of myself as in a position of power, but it may well be that others did. Looking back does give me an insight into a grey area I now claim to understand better. I suspect that I am not alone in needing to go through this learning process.

Weinstein demonstrates that being an alpha male is no guarantee of sexual success. He is of course only the tip of an iceberg. He resorted to gross methods because he could, but could not get consent. The report on sexual harassment in Parliament gives some inkling of how widespread it is.

We live in a rapidly changing world. and the Harvey Weinsteins will have to adapt to it, but they won’t, not for a while yet, without some catalyst. Just as I have asked in earlier blogs how can we stop those still making profits from destroying the ecosphere before they deem it necessary, why will anyone who thinks they can get away with sexual advances stop any time soon?

I make no apology for repeating that the Universal Basic (Citizens’) Income (UBI) is not a panacea, but it is a sine qua non -something which will facilitate a development which is otherwise unlikely, or will at least speed it up. One of the main effects of a UBI is to give everyone economic freedom of choice.

All this will pale into insignificance if abrupt climate change does happen, but it is a pity that the writer of this from the internet on the economics of consent did not appear to be aware of the Basic Income.

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