An Asperger’s musings on Christmas

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men, or Bah Humbug? I normally subscribe to the latter school of thought, seeing the former as superficial at best, but downright false anyway. Not being at home for Christmas (hence this early blog) my partner and I don’t even put up a tree.

But my true, Asperger’s identity having only dawned on me within the last couple of months, and in the spirit of wanting to save the world from ecological destruction, I might as well meditate on how PoE&GwtAM might become a reality after all.

Like Chris Packham, I do not wish to be cured. Autism is clearly a disability: loss of the use of speech cannot be otherwise, but for the likes of Chris P and me, our minds just work differently from most. That puts us at a disadvantage in certain ways, in my case not paying enough attention to practical details, but it does enable us to make connections others miss.

Bu there’s the rub, as Shakespeare said somewhere. What’s the use of seeing connections if nobody else sees them, and they think you are just a bit unhinged? Oh well, I clutch at the straw that those of you who glance at this blog do not necessarily dismiss it out of hand.

Why do the Nations so furiously rage together? as the Bible asks, and Handel popularized in ‘The Messiah’. Simple: addiction to growth when you reach limits.

And why do the people imagine a vain thing? Because advertisers get them to buy things they don’t need, especially at Christmas.

Christ’s Sermon on the Mount was delivered near what has become Easter, not Christmas, but his core message (at least as seen by me through the distortion of Asperger’s syndrome) was that it was high time humans started regarding each other as belonging to a single community, instead of separate tribes. It still hasn’t caught on. (Hence Brexit?)

But it could! The World Basic Income Movement was founded this year on the proposition that everyone, everywhere should receive an unconditional income sufficient to cover their basic needs. It will of course need to be in conjunction with the understanding that sheer numbers will not increase, and that in those parts of the world where numbers are not increasing, their demands should be limited to what the ecosphere can deliver sustainably.

There are two places in the Bible where it doesn’t quite say that the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb, but the gist is there. How about: The neoliberals shall, in their own interests, limit their enterprise to what the Earth can provide, and use some of their profits to create the infrastructure to guarantee that a woman’s first two children will survive, in countries where too many babies are born because they don ‘t know how many will  grow up?

I also see a world where lions (commercial enterprises) provide just what people (lambs) need, without treating them as prey to be exploited. They will live together, not necessarily in complete harmony, but I do not subscribe to the school of thought which says lions are to blame, and must be abolished. In Nature, life always develops into predators and prey, but the Basic Income allows us clever humans to adapt that inevitability for the benefit af all.

I fear my Asperger’s syndrome has run amok. It’ s all there somewhere in my blog.

Happy New Year everybody!


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