Disclaimer: I am NOT Steve Topple!

A ‘hit’ on my weblog today purports to be a post by me on 16.3.2016. It is not from me – the material is from Steve Topple ‘”Mutterings from the left”.

I did not post on that date. Someone more adept than me at using wordpress has used a genuine quote of mine to present Steve Topple’s post as if it were a post from me. Actually I approve of what it says (on a demo in Parliament in 2016 on disbility ). The genuine quote from me was:

Benefit sanctions force many who ARE disabled to claim, so all disabled claimants have to be assumed to be faking it. The imminent collapse of the Universal Credit means that the Green Party’s Basic income will soon put a stop to this horror”

I see Steve Topple has over 30K followers. If this hacking encourages a few of them to read what I do say, maybe good will come of it.

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