Syrian Tragedy

How does the most intelligent animal ever get into such a mess? Looking at some explanations, it seems that incremental decisions which ‘make sense’ individually, amount collectively to madness.

I may be the dupe of the news feeds I read, but even if one were to accept Putins’s and Assad’s motives as understandable and so justified, the pictures of what is left of Aleppo demonstrated that something was seriously wrong with human ideas on conflict resolution long before this latest (of a  string) of chemical attacks threatened an accidental re-run reminiscent of how the first world war started. No other animal manages its conflicts so self-destructively.

ISIS, or ISIL originated in Iraq, but as explained in the links above, spilled ‘naturally’ into Syria. But one reason why ISIS not only came into existence, but became both so powerful and so extreme is climatic. Drought. Caveats that ‘no one event can be linked to anthropogenic causes’ are wearing thin. Climatic anomalies will gradually, but inexorably become more severe as CO2 and methane (CH4) continue to pour into the atmosphere.

The Tragedy of the Commons (see my blog ‘Page’). may not seem to most minds to have any immediate relevance to Syria, or its possible escalation. Perhaps it is just my Asperger’s tendency misleading me. In this context it is not growth per se which is the problem, but the aggressive stance by each player which is an unavoidable strategic response. As long as growth drives human activity, this kind of situation will keep recurring.

Until it has been tried, we cannot know how a world order assuming co-operation instead of competition, sometimes in its more extreme forms, will play out. Guess my ingredient for making a co-operative world at least a possibility.

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