Drought – the beginning of the Tragedy?

Some think climate change is the foremost problem facing humanity. It probably is, but this FT article suggests that it may not be the first crisis to hit.

The Tragedy of the Commons means that as long as growth persists, either in sheer numbers or per capita economic activity, it is only a matter of time before the ecosphere (the only place where life exists) cannot cope.

The article does make one curious distinction. It lists 14 areas where human activity has seriously depleted water resources since 2002, and contrasts them with 8 where climate is the main cause, as though humans had nothing to do with climate change, The article does none the less give devastating chapter and verse on a life threatening crisis due to water shortage.

Plastic in the oceans has suddenly burst on everyone’s consciousness, because this is a practical issue people can identify with, whereas climate change, though far more serious, seems abstruse. The consequences of water shortages will be extremely practical.

What will it take t persuade humans to regard both sheer population numbers, and economic growth as threats to human survival?

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