Green Party internal elections Part 2

I have stated my  views on Andrew Cooper (Deputy) already, but here they are again.

Andrew Cooper has been a councillor in Kirklees for 18 years. (Kirklees = Greater Huddersfield, but they couldn’t call it that because Dewsbury and Batley would object). His considerable achievements in getting solar panels on roofs and loft insulation (including my own home at the time), and promotion of the concept wind as a resource were helped by a period when the three Green Councillors held the balance of power.  His experience is that Conservatives are better than Labour at keeping promises, and coming from a Conservative leaning family background himself, he saw no problem co-operating with them for mutual aims.

Andrew has nevertheless been accused of being a Communist by the leader of Kirklees Conservatives, no doubt based on his concern for social justice. He has a vision, a balanced political outlook, and is adept at pragmatic co-operation with others.

Andrew represented the GreenParty on energy at the 2015 ‘Paris’ Agreement on Climate Change,

That he does not live in London ought to count in Andew’s favour bearing in mind the current London-centrism at national level, and among the candidates for Leader.


Liz Reason, who is standing for chair of the Green Party Executive (GPex), was largely instrumental in setting up the Holistic Review on party governance. which replaced the previous, controversial governance proposals.

She has long experience in energy conservation but it is the organisational side of her career that really boosts her credentials as someone who, as chair, would make the party executive function effectively but also transparently. For some background on Liz see:

There are two relatively new Deputy Leader Candidates. I must complain here that if one searches for ‘Leadership. Candidates’, the Party website gives you the 2016 line up. If candidate statements are yet available, I could not find them, but that could be me.

However, you can search the internet for ‘Aimee Challenor’ and ‘Jonathan Chilvers’. The latter name produced a video of the West Midlands leadership hustings, which was unfortunately inaudible.

Aimee however has been the subject of a guardian article. Once we have saved the planet from ecological destruction, I shall be behind Aimee’s concerns The prejudice and abuse she has experienced are unacceptable in this day and age. But apart from saying that she agreed with everything in the Green Party Manifesto in 2015, and some useful local ideas, the Guardian article gives no indication of Aimee’s views on what the Green Party was originally about, as distinct from what it prioritized in 2015.

My only concern about Amelia Womack is the same as my objection to Caroline Lucas and Sian Berry: does her passionate socialism prevent her from accepting that we can and must attract votes from those who shy away from socialism if we are to recover from the 2017 débâcle, and so have any relevance in the face of the worsening ecological threat? At hustings I shall ask for her thoughts on targetting resources on our best 2017 result – the Isle of Wight.

I have been advised by friends that we must keep campaigns positive. I must for example suppress misgivings I might have on Liz Reason’s GPex opponents. Should I have applied the same logic to my lesser reservations regarding Amelia and Aimee, (and Leader candidates last week)?

In mitigation, I return to being positive by reminding readers that in 2016, before I knew of Caroline Lucas’s plans with Jonathan Bartley, I implored her to stand as a Co-leader – with Andrew Cooper.


2 responses to “Green Party internal elections Part 2

  1. I’m generally supportive of Amelia Womack for deputy leader. That is a good question about the Isle of Wight, I hope you get the chance to ask about it and report back on it here. I agree with you that that’s where our best next pickup opportunity is.

    • To be honest, I don’t know what Andrew Cooper’s answer will be to the same question, but he ought to be more likely than Amelia to agree with you and me. My main point is that Amelia would just be more of the same with the likely winners. Andrew Cooper will give the leadership team more breadth.

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