Abnormal weather and the Green Party

The Green Party was founded to avert the crisis predicted by the 1972 Limits to Growth study by the MIT. The Green Party’s lead story this week is open borders.

As the Green Party is careful to sayde facto open borders is an achievable long term aim. I have offered constructive (but expensive to the better off) solutions which could, no can bridge the gap, for example a World Basic Income. It certainly does not need to be a stark choice between ‘Let them all in’ or ‘Keep them all out’.

But as a lead story this shows an abysmal choice of priorities this summer.

Do I really need to itemize the unfolding catastrophe? Record high temperatures and droughts over whole swathes of the northern hemisphere; cattle having to be shot in Australia; Cape Town’s water supply dangerously low . . . Meanwhile Japan experiences floods, and now Kerala, after drought, now suffers severe flooding, and due to climate change the fear is that the remaining month of the monsoon season will bring even worse.

All this is against the steady backdrop of coral bleaching, habitat loss, overfishing, fracking, plastics . . .

Rupert Read has this week provoked a potential sea change in refusing to take part in a local (Cambridge) radio programme which gave equal air time to a climate denier. The actual programme was quite reasonable, two ‘proper’ scientists outlining an appropriately frightening scenario, but the spin off was much wider publicity in the Guardian.

Perhaps even more significant, the Sun (newspaper, not the star) appears to have joined the climate ‘admitters’. (See the entry on the link for 7th August: ‘Point of no Return’).

At this point I suggest readers might read my new weblog ‘Page’ Résumé as a Springboard. In it I outline the narrative which has been the basis of my philosophy throughout. Up to now it has looked unrealistic as a strategy, but this ‘summer’ puts a different complexion on things.

It was inevitable that the Green Party would have to go through a ‘Socialist’ phase.  Originally PEOPLE was simply a response to ‘Limits’, pointing out the folly of indefinite growth. I suggested to the horrified founder members that redistribution, possibly drastic, would be necessary.

From the outset there was a faction within the Party which saw the defeat of Capitalism as a prerequisite, whereas I saw the Basic (Citizen’s) Income as a way to heal the haves/have nots divide, so that the new fault line could be sustainability versus growth as the norm.

However, following the thatcherization of the Labour Party by Blair, a group of ‘Pirates’ boarded the (still small) Green Party, and set about turning it into a more congenial Party than Labour. In 2013 they succeeded in downgrading the ‘ecological’ pillar of our philosophical basis, giving rise to the Watermelon Surge – red really, but pretending to be Green.

They could not have foreseen the Corbyn phenomenon, but that meant their strategy duly led to the Green Party vote collapse in 2017. One of these Pirates was Josiah Mortimer, now safely back in the Labour Party, but still bent on harming the Green Party by smearing Shahrar Ali with the fake news that he was under investigation for antisemitism (for a justified criticism of the Israeli state).

Unfortunately this kind of smear is all too likely, due to the views of the present and proposed leadership team (with Sian Berry replacing Caroline Lucas)., who think of Labour as allies. On the contrary, Greens are a bigger worry for Labour than the Tories. They must do everything within their power, however dirty, to destroy the Green Party – until it starts taking votes from those who would never vote Labour.

I fear that the Green Party has left emergence from the socialist phase too late.  With the Basic income giving security without economic growth, (but combining social justice with being business start-up friendly) we could have been targetting climate denying Conservative MPs all along.

But this summer is only the beginning. If next year brings food shortages, all bets are off. Especially open borders,


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