XR – and David Attenborough


Early blog. I shall be at the London XR weekend when I usually post blogs.

In the Guardian on 7th November, George Monbiot said::

“David Attenborough has betrayed the living world he loves”

George goes on to say:

“By downplaying our environmental crisis, the presenter’s BBC films have generated complacency, confusion and ignorance.”

“I have always been entranced by Attenborough’s wildlife programmes, but astonished by his consistent failure to mount a coherent, truthful and effective defence of the living world he loves. His revelation of the wonders of nature has been a great public service. But withholding the knowledge we need to defend it is, I believe, a grave disservice.”

Monbiot is not afraid of controversy. I guess he expected the reaction he got. In reply to comments, he admits:

“ [Attenborough] is a national treasure. He remains perhaps the most influential person in television, and one of the most influential in public life as a whole. He is praised to the skies on all media.”

So who is right? I have tried to find out by a direct invitation to the great man in my weblog:

1 Join me in facing hydraulic fracturers Igas or Cuadrilla.

If this is too much to ask (I am 8 years younger than him)

2 Please read, and if you approve of it, publicise my weblog. If someone prominent takes it seriously, it could become a book.

3  At the very least will you please express a view on XR. If it is other than favourable, please say how else you would stop climate breakdown. Without any alternative, your passionate pleas are as ineffectual as all the other warnings made since 1972.

I have written, recorded delivery to:

David Attenborough (Productions) Ltd

Park Road, Richmond Surrey  TW10 6NS


He has not replied. Perhaps reminders from others might help.

I invited Attenborough personally, but as an XR activist. I hope to find out this weekend the movement’s view on whether wider publicity would be useful.

Post conference update:

Roger Hallam (Founder member of XR no less) is in favour of wider publicity on my challenge to Attenborough. He has referred me to the appropriate group (via Rupert Read) to deal with this.

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