School Strike – and Brexit latest

I have read the schoolstrikers Guardian challenge. I agree with every word, but whilst governments must indeed do as they demand, the consequences will still be a nasty shock for most, including the strikers. They will be much better than doing nothing, but they must still be borne,. There are a lot of people who should realize better than the strikers why what is obviously necessary has not happened. Living within what the ecosphere can provide sustainably means not doing a lot of things everybody takes for granted.

My attempts to persuade David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg of the need to do more than just draw attention to the problem have so far got nowhere.  At least Attenborough must have received my recorded delivery letters inviting him to join me on a fracking site, but why should Greta notice one post among a million?

But this week there has to be something about Brexit, doesn’t there?  The tragedy here is Labour’s abstention on the motion (or was it an amendment?) to hold a new referendum on cancelling the whole sorry mess.

But the Labour Party, which has twice enthusiastically endorsed Corbyn as their leader, have made no attempt whatsoever to disabuse their heartlands that the EU was not to blame for austerity. Trying to prolong growth regardless of ecological, or any other constraints must inevitably have ‘factory roof’ type sudden falls. , A long list of problems with Brexit only surfaced after the Referendum, notably the Irish border, and that migration cannot be seperated from free movement of goods. Consequently, despite this many in the Brexit areas still cling to it.

Which is ironic, if my belief is correct. that Brexit is a policy aim by the neoliberal clique to atomize democratically elected governments so that transnational companies can ride roughshod over them. Some (even in the Green Party) favour Brexit because the neoliberals already control governments. That is true, but that does not make weakening a possible route of opposition to them the right answer. A basic (citizens’) income would allow (not cause) an attitude to gain strength favouring ecological habits, and might even soften opposition to them. The neoliberals don’t actually want to destroy the basis of their profits.

But I still worry more about them not knowing how to stop wrecking the ecosphere.


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