Remain!! (Yorks & Humber GP EU election hustings 6.4.19)

I wanted to ask the candidates this question:

Climate change is far more important, but this election will be about Brexit. Candidates can combine them with the following narrative:

Downsizing will happen, as a disaster if we continue with business as usual. We can forestall this by guaranteeing security for everybody, to allow a mind set change not just to individual eco-friendly behaviour, but voting for eco-friendly policies which would be perceived as threatening insecurity at present.

As no better idea than a universal, unconditional basic income (UBI) ha emerged, it should be a major plank in the Green Party’s EU election platform.

One thing we all agree on is that there is a lot wrong with the EU. Leaving will just leave those in charge with more power. Giving everybody security will enable rational decisions at all levels of government. At present many decisions are driven by insecurity. This will not necessarily cure the EU, but staying within a powerful bloc will make it easier to fight the real enemies – tncs, and regimes (Brunei, Saudi Arabia) we woud rather not trade with..

One factor bedevilling both eco-breakdown and Brexit is that the policies needed to ensure a sustainable economy will mean downsizing (aka austerity) now, not later. Become vegan? You have just destroyed a whole swathe of agriculture. Public transport? Ditto the car industry. Repair, re-use and recycle? Absolutely necessary, but if everything – cars, fridges washing machines, vacuum cleaners . . . all have to last X times as long, you have just reduced factory output to1/Xth of what it was. No wonder no one dare stop the headlong rush to ecosphere destruction. A full discussion of the global ramifications of these inconvenient facts will be in my draft book if it ever sees the light of day.

Some say Green jobs will fill this shortfall. I find this hard to believe, but even if they are right, what is the problem with guaranteeing security in a way which also encourages participation in the workforce?

The Green Party should go this election as the Remain Party, whihc it will if our Y&H candidates have anything to do with it.. Jacob Rees-Mogg believes that any question of not leaving would enhance the likes of Nigel Farage and the far right Tommy Robinson, due to a sense of betrayal. This coud be true, but it is a risk worth taking. The Petition to revoke Article 50 received over 6 million votes. The pro-Brexit petiton received 1/10th of that number.

There are a number of factors which should tip that narrow ‘Leave’ majority the other way: the DUP completely missed the border implictions; election ovespends; expat votes were delayed, the apprent inevitability of the customs union . . . I think there is a real posibility of at least one Y&H MEP.

By the way, we have an impressive team of candidates, including the formidable Andrew Cooper. All want to Remain in the EU.

Some readers may have seen a recent debate on Facebook, in which I have been taken to task for ‘banging on about a magic wand’ (the UBI). I think I am proposing something which may help stave off an ecological disaster, and will be a necessary part of any reconstruction, should the worst happen. What depressed me most was not that someone as worried about ecological breakdown as I am should rubbish my approach, but that the only two comments by others questioned my stance, not my opponent’s.

I think he has a mental block, but I have already conceded that my own stance could be a psychotic delusion – something which others thinks is silly, or worse. It is in the nature of psychotic delusions that the sufferer cannot listen to reason, but if that is what you think, please tell me anyway.



5 responses to “Remain!! (Yorks & Humber GP EU election hustings 6.4.19)

  1. Sorry to hear about the ‘recent debate on Facebook, in which I have been taken to task for ‘banging on about a magic wand’ (the UBI)’. Please could you supply the link?

  2. Hi, Clive, I tried to post a longer comment earlier but it got tangled up in the spam/censorship filters.

    The Green Party has committed Hari Kari with its bonkers genuflexion to the EU technocracy. the 2015 Manifesto referendum pledge and all long memory-holed by the new Stalinist regime.

    And Caroline ( yes we can() Lucas continues the Mao-like cult of personality as young Greta is plumped up all Joan of arc like for the EU Technocratic Gore mini mes to spread the gospel of #GreenWashedFascism

    March 6, 2019

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