Readers – Please help

I have this nightmare. The ecosphere is burning. I found a fire hydrant, but nobody believes me.

More than forty years have been wasted because the answers would be unpopular, and if one major polluter pulled out of the rat race their market share would just be taken up by other rat racers. That remains true as long as the growth culture persists.

I did no fully grasp this in 1973 when I joined what became the Green Party, but I did invent the universal basic income (UBI), unaware that it already existed.  I had a new, very different reason – to give everyone security so that the 1972 MIT report Limits to Growth could be heeded – by people and governments.

My mind works differently from most. The online Asperger’s test says I am borderline. Part of my nightmare consists of a chorus of normal minds who are as worried as I am about destruction of the ecosphere apparently not seeing the need for a way of guaranteeing necessities, making the option of less economic activity acceptable, or if they do, the crisis isn’t serious enough yet to risk the UBI.  Common misconceptions are that scroungers will take advantage, and that there are enormous difficulties with a UBI. Explanations are all there somewhere in my blog.

But there must be some readers who follow my logic. If in your opinion, I am suffering from a psychotic delusion, please tell me. By definition us psychotics cannot listen to reason, but at least I would understand why I feel I am getting nowhere with a vital piece of information. But why are those (few?) who do not think I am insane not as obsessed as I am with getting the UBI publicized? My belief in the UBI may be a delusion, but at least my desperation as a result is entirely rational.

What seemed (to me) a prudent idea in 1973 is now desperately urgent. I am a midget trying to find a giant who who already has the ear of the media who will let me stand on their shoulders. With most recipients, (Attenborough, Monbiot) attempts to communicate are drowned by thousands of others, but with some, I am not sure they even received them, Kate Raworth, Dr. Alice Roberts  for example.

Caroline Lucas has known me since the 1980s. Does she not think that the UBI (or some better way to make downsizing thinkable) is absolutely vital? But Caroline has a normal mind. She sees difficulties in implementing the UBI, and she is a socialist, which may have obscured for her how the UBI might heal the haves/have nots divide.

Greta Thunberg has not responded to my appeal for dialogue. She is a teenager under enormous pressure. I can understand those around her fending off anything which might add to that pressure.  I wondered if her Asperger’s diagnosis might help her to see my drift, but she is focussed on the problem. Answers are someone else’s problem (though not, imo, the scientists).

How do I get the narrative of this weblog into the mainstream? Should I spend a few days outside the Swedish parliament with my placard? One side, for the public says

“The End of the World is need not be at hand”

The other side, for those who are already as worried as Greta, Caroline, Attenborough, Monbiot, Raworth, Roberts, the whole of XR . . . . reads:

“What has the Basic Income to do with Climate Breakdown?”

Would sitting solo outside Westminster do the trick just as well?

My ultimate weapon of a hunger strike would not work (according to my son) because you have to be famous to start with. But my demand is quite modest. If backing by anyone of a list of celebrities to convert my weblog into a book is too much, is a public dialogue with one of them out of the question?

Strategic advice please.

3 responses to “Readers – Please help

  1. I think the challenge comes down to connecting the limits to growth with climate breakdown… I don’t think that to most people it’s immediately obvious. The climate is in the national and international zeitgist now in a really meaningful way, finally, but most people just see the crisis as being climate change as caused by transport, agriculture, and so on, and don’t see the even greater picture of how our economic system is fueling and making inevitable the sort of environmental decimation we’re now experiencing.

    I view it as a victory that the universal basic income is a part of the green party platform because it is easier to say that we as a party are here to tackle the climate crisis and then say that a universal income is a part of our plan to do this, than it is to say that climate breakdown is part of an even wider issue, that being of course the endless pursuit of economic growth. The public at large is largely convinced that climate change is a problem – maybe they don’t grasp quite the scale of it, but they understand it is very serious. It’s a symptom of a problem.

    The green party, I hope, can win elections into the future on their credibility on the climate crisis. That’s the argument that has to be won to acquire the political power necessary to implement a post-growth economic vision, I feel, rather than arguing on the terms of post-growth economics itself. The serious thinking about it is important, but it is policy rather than politics. I would say almost that as someone with your expertise in the policy that ensuring that the party leadership and so on are on board with your policy vision is the important part – the politics of it is their job. So I would say that ensuring caroline lucas, johnathan bartley, sian berry, etc. have an understanding of why UBI is necessary to successful post-growth economics and why post-growth economics is necessary to combat perpetual climate breakdown, is far more important than worrying about how those ideas need to be sold. The battlefield right now is climate change and brexit (an issue I have been tired of for a long time, but it does offer some opportunity as well as challenges for us), and I think we’re making leaps and strides in that regard.

    • I do not inderstand why I have only just (8th July) seen this comment, on 3rd june. Briefly, the Green Party leadership are quite aware of my views, but have their own, different agenda.

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