I support Boris Johnson

In his insistence that a row with his girl friend does not render him unsuitable to be PM. Ken Livingstone’s worse behaviour came after being an effective Mayor of London. Mind you, Johnson’s claims as London Mayor are shaky They are at least partly based on what Ken had put in place.

But there are many other matters which do undermine Johnson’s suitability to lead Britain at a critical juncture.  Not one, but two divorces do not necessarily reflect on his acumen for the extremely difficult task in hand. But we are inhibited, not just by Johnson’s silence, but by injunctions to explore further the whole pattern of irresponsibility and broken promises.

The Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe episode when Johnson was Foreign Secretary demonstrates lack of attention to detail, crucial in the coming months  Lies about the NHS?

The exploits of the Bullingdon Club appear to have been forgotten. After all, David Cameron was also involved. But Is he really an example of a successful PM?

That the Conservative Party should be reduced to such a ‘front runner’ is bad enough. But Jeremy Corbyn’s skill is as a rebel, and as a campaigner, not as a leader in a tricky situation. Let’s hope it’s Jeremy Hunt. Mind you, Ken Livingstone is the one with a competent record in office.

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