Trump’s Racism; XR’s 5 cities’ action

Trump is a populist, not necessarily a racist, but the causes of racism at least partially depend on insecurity. There was a study done in the 1960s (so no link) which found that Newcastle, with very few black faces, had a much higher percentage of anti-immigrant opinions than London, which was already multiracial. London was thriving and prosperous; Newcastle was losing its traditional heavy industries.

It seems obvious (to my possibly Asperger’s mind) that populist demagogues are more likely to gain popularity in times of austerity. XR has raised the profile of the threat to the ecosphere (I wish that word was used more frequently), but I suspect that subconsciously limits to growth were already dimly, but widely recognized. Why have interest rates remained stubbornly low?

Trump, Boris Johnson and Farage may well gain short term by riding this tide of insecurity, but history suggests it will not end well if they do. It could be avoided by a guarantee of security. No one has so far suggested a better idea than an unconditional, universal basic income.

Bad news: I did not get arrested this week on Victoria Bridge, Leeds, despite spending a total of about 20 hours committing a criminal offence. As I did not see any media reports, I am dependent on others for assessment of how much we achieved. I don’t think there were any arrests in Leeds, and Facebook updates seem to be having a well-earned break, so I assume that London, Bristol, Glasgow and Cardiff were similarly uneventful.

I had my spiel ready in case I got a media opportunity, but no such luck:

“I have spent over 40 years as a Green Party activist using reasonable ways of saying that we humans must take care of the ecosphere, so I will take no criticism for having to resort to unreasonable methods”.

My guess is that based on experience in London, the police decided least done soonest mended. I understand that nationally the BBC blanked us completely, but that we got 15 minutes on ‘Look North’ As they must strive for ‘balance’, their coverage would give no clue as to the public consensus, but there is certainly a degree of sympathy.

I accept criticism that suggesting that I might be psychotically deluded might be unhelpful. However, I remain hot under the collar because my possibly Asperger’s Syndrome mind thinks I have an insight – that a feeling of security is essential for the necessary measures to be accepted, and the universal, unconditional basic income (UBI) would provide this. But because I do not have a normal mind. no one else is screaming blue murder that this needs to happen.

When I joined the Green Party, a founder member expressed the opinion that if we did not stop ecological damage in time, Martial Law might be needed – the legal right to shoot desperate people for what they might do. We have not halted damage to the ecosphere. My unusual brain thinks it would be a pity not to try the UBI first.


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