Was that a gaffe by Caroline?

That was the Daily Express’s opinion when Ms Lucas said she would vote ‘Remain’ in Parliament even if a second referendum said ‘Leave’. But one doesn’t expect fair play in this high stakes highly charged Brexit struggle. Caroline later pointed out that Brighton had voted 2/3 ‘Remain’ in 2016.

I would be extremely surprised if Brighton, or anywhere else had shifted towards Brexit, but there I go, revealing my own emotional bias. Perhaps that bias accounts for my impression that everything which has emerged since the referendum has pointed towards ‘Remain’ making more sense.

The Irish border as a potential problem was airily dismissed in hustings. I am told that the reason the DUP campaigned ‘Leave’, was because they thought that would undermine the Good Friday Agreement. Am I wrong in inferring that the border issue had not occurred to anyone in the DUP? It would not take all those, mainly protestant ‘Leave’ voters to switch, to more than halve that slim ‘Leave’ majority.

The Brexit Party phenomenon cannot lightly be dismissed, but the European Election results suggest that although Brexit supporters feel more strongly, their numbers have decreased slightly, and it would take very little to tip the balance.

The real tragedy is that no one has tried to explain to those swathes of rust-belt Labour voting areas that Europe was not to blame for their insecurity. My view remains that Brexit is a neoliberal plot to ensure that the CEOs of transnational corporations are able to dictate events, not elected governments, when the coming ecological crisis hits.

Did I ever mention how the UBI could have made an ecological (and pro-Europe) mind set possible and avoided all this bother 40 years ago?

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