No US trade deal unless tax is scrapped

Brexit gets more preposterous, yet more likely by the day. The latest ultimatum by the USA, that there will be no trade deal unless the proposed digital tax requiring tech giants Apple, Amazon, Facebook etc. to pay fair taxes is scrapped, should be a last straw. This is not just Trump. Democrat Senator Wyden had already told Liam Fox the same.

This comes after this government has suddenly found $2Billion to pay for a no-deal Brexit, rather than a referendum asking whether the whole thing was a monstrous mistake. In previous posts I have mentioned the various items that emerged post-referendum which cast an unfavourable light on Brexit, the major ones being the inseparability of immigration and tariffs and the Irish border.

All I hear the other way is “There will be trade deals”. The only way we shall get trade deals on acceptable terms is as part of a trading block too large for the USA or anyone else to bully it. Oh, and a guarantee of financial security for all individuals, so that they, and the governments they elect, can begin to think about long term ecological sustainability, not short term profit or survival.

And another reason staying in Europe is relevant to climate beakdown, I accept that there is currently a democratic deficit, and not just in the EU, but ecological destruction is more likely as long as transnational corporations can bully and even control elected governments.

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