Who is listening to the climate protesters?

On Friday’s Any Questions, Radio 4 8pm, David Davis MP (Conservative), downplayed the threat which brought out 4 million activists world wide, but he made a valid point which those millions have not yet addressed.

If governments did as the protesters demanded – stop driving cars, go vegan etc etc, they would create a recession. Thank you David Davis for answering my long standing question: Why, 47 years after the MIT first recognized this problem, has it been kicked down the road until ‘business as usual’ has become an existential threat? Why should those able to change direction take any notice now?

If re-use, recycle, repair ever becomes the norm, that will devastate a swathe of industries. Leeds Council is planning airport expansion because in the past this was a route to economic prosperity. How do we stop destruction of rainforest in the Amazon, Malaysia, or Africa? The answer will have to be world-wide, and guarantee everyone their basic needs. but until someone comes up with a better idea, it will have to include making these activities unprofitable.

My 1973 suggestion as a PEOPLE (forerunner of the Green Party) slogan was

“A Recession can be Fun”.

It was rejected. XR says “Tell the Truth”. The hard truth is that we either plan for a ‘soft landing’ recession, as suggested by Kate Raworth, or wait a little longer for a nasty accident of a recession. This was true in 1973, It is still true now.

What is urgent now, and would have been a good idea in 1973, can only happen if whole populations can be reassured that no one will suffer the consequences which recessions have always caused, which is why I have been suggesting that an unconditional basic (citizens’) income is both crucial and urgent.

David Davis said that Britain’s contribution to global heating was 1%. It is at least 3% when ’embedded’ items are included, including some which would have to be deducted from China’s 23%. But his point remains, that remedial efforts are pointless unless global, and we must bear in mind the aspirations of many who have never enjoyed western levels of affluence.

The second part of the question on “Any Questions” was “What needs to be done?”

I only know a part of the answer. It is not part of the protesters’ remit.

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