Yellowhammer – the beginning of the end for democracy?

On a train recently another passenger let me read her copy of Private Eye’ on Operation Yellowhammer. It is frightening. The stark contrast between the totally unnecessary disruption, possibly civil disorder to be prepared for, and the determination of this government to go ahead with Brexit is ominous.

The only sense I can make of it is that the government fully expects events to justify the imposition of martial law: the right of soldiers to shoot people for what they think they might be about to do. Is this alarmist? The version I have accessed on the internet does not include what I am desperately trying to remember reading in Private Eye: soldiers with guns being in charge of matters for which they have no expertise, because the normal staff will have to divert to other duties. Paragraph 15 is blacked out.

This tallies with my dawning realization of a possible connection between Brexit and climate breakdown. It was obvious to my (possibly Asperger’s) mind that the CEOs of huge transnational companies would want to split democratically elected governments so that they could go on making profits. But they are not stupid. They are as aware as we (XR) are of the coming ecological breakdown As CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson investigated the problem, and came to the same conclusion as Donella Meadows, in ‘Limits to Growth’. But his response was to fund a massive and successful campaign of climate denial lies. In the short term this was astute, if Machiavellian. That may be all Tillerson had in mind. He gave oddly contradictory advice to President Trump to support the 2015 ‘Paris’ climate agreement, but reading those parts of Yellowhammer that are accessible leads me to the inference that the only thing which makes sense of the determination to plough on is to create an emergency which will justify extreme measures, where those with the means, the CEOs of transnationals, will be in control.

In my original vision the CEOs were still far richer than the rest of us, if not quite as rich as they hoped. But there is absolutely no need for the nightmare we are heading into. Greta Thunberg sees being Asperger’s as a gift. My Asperger’s self diagnosis has given me a strange insight: it explains why I understood latin at school were all the normal minds struggled. Just like latin grammar, the basic income makes sense to me as lubricating the transition to an ecologically sound world. With latin I had exam results to prove that I was the one on the right lines. No such luck with the basic income.

Did Caroline Lucas struggle with latin?

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