Hunger Strike

Only today have I read the XR post properly. There is to be a global hunger strike on Monday 18th November.

I think I need to take part.

Having come across this at the last minute I need to work out some details. I envisage being a ’Solidarity’ participant for 24 or possibly 48 hours. But any hesitancy is due not to the enormity of such a decision, but what use will it be?

It has finally dawned on me how few see the unconditional basic income (UBI) as a necessary catalyst for the task XR has taken on.

It has always seemed obvious to me that to bring human activity within what the ecosphere can cope with would mean an end to economic growth, but that this would only happen if individuals could be assured of basic needs. Population stabilization is also necessary, but that does not affect the personal need for security. Limits to Growth flagged up this problem in 1972, but not until 2019, when XR threatened to bring down governments with disruption, was it taken seriously.

But is it? Climate emergency motions abound, but all the encroachments on the ecosphere continue to accelerate. It is all very well Greta saying “I want governments to panic”, but anything they do to save the ecosphere will reduce economic activity, on which prosperity has always depended. No government yet has any intention of reducing economic activity.

If I do join the hunger strike, it will be with the specific aim of publicising the role of the UBI. But what is the point if no one else sees the sense in it?

But I still think a UBI could even now stave off the worst of the catastrophe XR is trying to prevent. It would be a pity not to try it.

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