Hunger Strike report; Insight?

Today is the 6th  day of 7. To be honest, breakfast only seems to suit me. Thank you Lydia Winter for the XR ‘In House’ mention, but without wider publicity what is the point?

I notified some media contacts myself, but as I expected, they ignored a lone, possibly loony protester. I decided on one meal a day as ‘Solidarity’ before I had made any contact with XR. I did eventually make contact with someone from the Leeds XR media team, but no pics or interviews. Ok, breakfast only is a bit mickey mouse. We should be better co-ordinated next time, when I may well take it more seriously. I take it for granted that there will be many more next times.

As I said a couple of blogs ago, I personally think XR has gone as far as it can with disruption. It needs lubrication to avoid alienating the public. I jumped in with both feet when the embryonic Leeds XR blocked Eastgate in October 2018, even before XR had been officially launched, but now I see fasting as preferable to more disruption. I have not yet heard how much publicity the strike received generally.

My lubrication is the unconditional basic income (UBI), but nobody understands. They think they do not agree, but that comes to the same thing. The Green Party features the UBI in their 2019 election manifesto as a social justice measure, part of the Green New Deal. That is a major step forward, but the UBI does not figure as an insight as to how to ensure social justice and yet recruit Conservatives, and how the climate crisis need never have become an ‘existential’ threat.

Insight? A couple of weeks ago someone on Facebook, described my reasons for the UBI as an insight. This is the first time in 7 years of blogging.  But he declined to re-blog due to my references to mental aberration. I take them back, but do not apologize for them. The last few weeks have been psychologically bruising, not least the woman at a recent XR meeting who reacted angrily to me mentioning the UBI yet again.

I think I am Asperger’s. Whatever, my claimed ability to see how to save the ecosphere from destruction is at the expense of understanding practicalities, such as how Facebook works. So I have to hope this guy still reads this blog, to ask him to share my ‘insight’, preferably attributing me as the source, but that is not necessary. He could just give my weblog address. If he finds his group (in Australia, I think) more receptive than anyone I have tried to explain it to, I would like to hear.

Next week’s blog will either be two days early or not at all. I shall be campaigning in the Isle of Wight, where the bookies have Vix Lowthion for the Greens on 6/1, and Labour on 20/1. (Greens 200/1 in most other places). £60 will come in handy.




2 responses to “Hunger Strike report; Insight?

  1. Thanks largely to your efforts, UBI is becoming mainstream. I have recently had some positive discussions with people of all political persuasions, and that never used to happen.
    Good luck in the Isle of Wight.

  2. Thanks Andy. Mind you, although I have been pushing the UBI for 46 years, it is actually dangerous. Silicon Valley think it will foster economic growth as a by-product of solving the AI problem. The UBI MUST be tied to the ecological narrative and tax regime.
    See you as usual at Vegi Ventures?

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