How likely is Martial Law? Rebecca Long-Bailey’s sacking

The news this weekend is attacks on the police trying to prevent mass disobedience of the anti-CV19 measures, and Rebecca Long-Bailey being sacked for antisemitism.

I think Martial Law is inevitable eventually due to climate breakdown, but how soon? Food riots are an eventual certainty, but the increasing likelihood of chaos following a no-deal Brexit in December could well be a useful rehearsal for the real thing for the government.

The Police have a difficult judgment to make in handling pubic disobedience to rules whose purpose is clear, but Priti Patel (Home Secretary) expects a hard line response. Confrontation earlier than that need have happened will help to make Martial Law seem reasonable.

Before I joined what became the Green Party, I was warned that the founder members were fascists. I discovered why at that first meeting, but joined anyway, because like them, I wanted to save the ecosphere.

It transpired that they had no idea, apart from Martial Law, as to how to deal with any unrest as a result of the downturn from growth to a ‘steady state’ economy. And that was in 1973, when there was room for maneouvre. Within three hours of leaving that meeting I had thought of the basic income as better than shooting desperate people. (and better for electoral prospects, but failure on that score is another story).

I wish others shared my traumatic introduction to the Green Party, and so the case for the basic income. especially now that CV19 has given that 1973 conversation urgency. Millions of lives could still be saved in an economic downturn severe enough to save the ecosphere.

– – – –

The Israeli state, and Mossad in particular is ruthless in dealing with its enemies, for historical reasons. I make no comment on when, if ever, that can be justified.

But what has that got to do with with individual Jews?  This conflation appears to be the gist of the furious complaints from many members of the Labour Party. But Margret Hodge, a Jewish MP has backed Keir Starmer’s decision to sack Rebecca Long- Bailey,, and he has been thanked by the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

But Rebecca Long-Bailey’s main weakness, serious enough to undermine her suitability for high office, is naivety. There was absolutely no reason to step into the quagmire of antisemitism. Even before Long-Bailey’s partial retraction it was known that George Floyd was murdered, and that Mossad played no part in it. End of.

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