Caroline Lucas on ‘Any Questions’ (R4. 3rd July); Austrian Coalition: Cyan (formerly Black)/Green

As always, Caroline Lucas made valuable contributions to the discussion.

But she mentioned neither basic income, nor growth. A cross-party group of 170 Pariamentarians  urges the basic income as CV19 ‘first aid’, Caroline is a signatory. In ‘Any Questions’ she could have said that a basic income would allow concentration on medical priorities, instead of dangerously premature easing of the lockdown.

The Green Party is the only one which dare even mention this necessity of curbing economic growth. The airline industry and Boris’s ‘Build, build build’. were mentioned. Both will be eventual victims of the ecological meltdown, but here I fear what needs to be said is not yet Green Party policy.

Like the banks, are the airlines too big to fail? They will fail anyway, when climate breakdown happens. but like the banks, Britain has no option but to make sure that British airlines are not at a disadvantage even temporarlily, as compared with foreign airlines (As per the Tragedy of the Commons: no one can pull out individually)

If we are to save the ecosphere, the airlines, and the banks. will have to co-operate with governments (hopefully, but not necessarily still democratic) in managed de-growth – internationally.

Caroline could not say this, but the basic income is Green Party policy..

– – – – –

I have just discovered this link to the Green/OVP coalition in Austria. (It was a passing reference to the Greens’ success in the French local elections. Greens co-operating with the ‘right’! (Not quite) what I have always wanted?

The Greens almost everywhere have fallen into the trap of being passionately ‘left wing’. This has happened because living sustainably within what the ecosphere can provide indefinitely does require a degree of social justice.

I understand from my son, who lives in Austria, that Rudi Anschober, the Green Health Minister has been able to make positive use of his position.

I could even live with a hard line position on immigration, if the OVP recognized an international need to help impoverished communities with the means, including population planning, to stay where they are. Meanwhile the Greens need to accept that once a basic income is in place, market forces cannot be oppressive.

Bu as of now, there is no basic income even planned in Austria, and a right wing party which has not yet taken on board that need for social justice does not bode well for the coalition – or the ecosphere.

One response to “Caroline Lucas on ‘Any Questions’ (R4. 3rd July); Austrian Coalition: Cyan (formerly Black)/Green

  1. Hi Clive,
    I’m finally checking out your blog! Like this post and agree that Caroline can be depended on to make valuable contributions that represent the perspective of the more eco-minded, but without getting preachy. I share your questioning of where basic income fits in with Green policy now, their December manifesto seeming quite distant now. Have to admit I’ve not been following them that closely of late so perhaps I should bring myself up to speed a bit…

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