What Greta is missing

Here is the broadcast by Greta Thunberg. (10th July):

This is radio, so Greta pulls no punches. It would not be her way to mix ecosphere disintegration with attractive scenery the way David Attenborough does on TV. But there is nothing we did not know already.

Her message several times repeats the sensible advice: “Governments must listen to the Scientists”. She stresses how fatuous it is that a teenager should be asked how to solve the climate crisis, and yet how the interviewers lose interest if she does go into any detail. “They would not use it”

Greta, governments have known about the problem for a long time. The USA government was even aware of it before the MIT made it public knowledge in 1972. The question is, why have they still, never mind in 1972, not done what is necessary?

The rainforests are still disappearing, CO2 is still rising, cyclones worse than ever before are still killing thousands who have done nothing to cause them . . .

The answers are obvious to me, but for most of my life I have been dimly aware that my mind worked differently from most others. (I am not cleverer, jut a different pattern of insights and blind spots).

[Regular readers may have seen the next two paragraphs. They are taken from a ‘Page’ on my weblog: How to stop wrecking the Ecosphere]

Economic growth used to mean more prosperity, but now it threatens to wreck the ecosphere – the only known home for life. We environmentalists urge everyone to repair recycle and re-use, not to use cars, or to fly, to stop eating meat, and to have fewer children, all necessary if humans are to live within what the ecosphere can provide. I could go on, but

that is enough to decimate several staple ‘wealth producing’ industries.

Surprise, surprise, vested interests countered with a highly successful ‘climate denial’ campaign.

Also, everybody fears a recession. Some environmentalists believe that ‘Green growth’ will cushion the necessary downsizing. That might have been possible if we had started in response to the MIT warnings in 1972, but its main weakness is that it relies on new technology to avoid the need for a mindset change. There is also sleight of hand with ‘offshoring‘. Expectations will have to change from consumerism to something more akin to Buddhism. Starting in 2020, Green Growth is not an option. Contentment within limited resources is.

I am often unfairly accused of pushing the basic income as a ‘single issue’ No, it is a catalyst, a lubricant, or a keystone policy which will allow all the necessary policies to make sense, not only to all individuals, everywhere, but also

to the governments they elect.

As I have explained, I have difficulty in getting this across to most others, so I recently took an online Asperger’s test. I am borderline. Greta welcomes her diagnosis. Am I clutching at straws in hoping that she will make the connection.? Like her, I only want to save the ecosphere.


One response to “What Greta is missing

  1. A universal basic income would make so much sense at this particular time instead of furlough schemes. Greta is an inspiration to all and if the UBI would help it make a reality.

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