Green Party Leadership: Shahrar Ali, or Rosi Sexton? (Making the Party relevant)

Two candidates have redeeming features. Shahrar Ali s the only one who stresses the ecological ecrisis, which is what the Green Party was originally about.. In Solihull, where Rosi Sextom leads the Green group on the Council, the Greens are already the official opposition in a Conservative area.

Shahrar spoils it by insisting (as does Sian Berry, the defending co-leader) that he only wants socialists to vote Green. (Not quite the way he put it.)

I have never managed to convince enough members of my vision of a sustainable society. I was born into the Socialist tribe, and I am still as passionate about social justice as my parents. But the basic income is not as socialist as it looks. Philippe van Parijs describes it as  ”A Capitalist road to Communism”. Certainly the better off will have to accept that in a world which heeds ecological limits large disparities in wealth will not be acceptable, at least not if we are still democratic.

But I do understand why the Green Party fell into the ‘socialist’ trap. But once everyone is assured of basic needs, whatever the level of economic activity, market forces. in the form of tax incentives and disincentives can be used to change behaviour to ways which will benefit the ecosphere. Without that guarantee of security, market forces remain what they have always been, a means of oppression of the weak by the strong.

Rosi’s campaign material does mention the environment – in passing. Shahrar has disappointed me in another respect: he refuses to retract his signature on a letter opposing Population Matters having a presence at a Green Party conference.

Briefly ‘Bright Green ’ published a smear so libellous as to provoke PM to a threat of legal action. My weblog post of 9th May demonstrates that I supported PM as an ally in the struggle to save the ecosphere, before I was aware of PM’s action. Is Shahrar really comfortable to be associated with something Bright Green retracted, rather than try to justify it?.

But Shahrar does have one other saving grace: I gather he has described the ‘trans’ debate in the Party as a distraction. I am told this is rife thoughout the ‘centre left’. But I must remind readers that the Green Party ought not to be ‘left’ It should be recruiting conservatives who want to save the ecosphere. Some may already be appalled, or at least disillusioned with Boris Johnson’s version of government.

But I think Rosi does need some help.  I can sell the basic income on Conservative doorsteps. As well as ‘market forces’, the basic income facilitates entrepreneurial start-ups. (It is all here somewhere in this jumbled blog.)

In leaning towards Rosi I am gambling that if elected, she will listen to my vision of how to combine saving the ecosphere with social justice (which does mean redistribution) with ideas that appeal to Conservatives. The Green Party must make this breakthrough in a Conservative area if there is to be any point in its continued existence.

5 responses to “Green Party Leadership: Shahrar Ali, or Rosi Sexton? (Making the Party relevant)

  1. Thank you roger. Even if I acept both your cosiderable contributions for the sake of argument, it remains prudent to retain room for maneouvre rather than the crisis, which has already started. Previous species (the first amphibians, and then birds) who could, briefly,expand exponentially only endangered themselves. Humans are destroying the entire ecosphere.
    Some from of Buddhism?

  2. Hello Clive,
    It is always very nice to hear from you, thank you for your comment.
    Needless to say we both know that we have quite opposite views regarding “Climate Crisis”, Population Crisis etc. Even the Tragedy of the Commons.
    Our Positions are as Polarised as Those of Simon and Ehrlich I dare say,
    But I do Listen Too and respect your arguments even though I disagree and do not believe your arguments are supported by evidence.
    Where we do agree is on UBI , Universal Basic Income and the Circular Economy our positions are clearly delineated in our discussion on Money Creation and Policy 661 in the 2015 GP manifesto.

    You may find my debate with Steven Kurz of some interest

    he is a dyed in the wool Club of ROmer and I have little time for His arguments, your own I have time for as your authenticity recommends you and as I say I respect your Opinions.
    Best Wishes,

  3. To Roger Lewis mainly, but others may take part in our discussion..
    I have someone else who sends me masses of material which he thinks of as refuting my arguments, but which fit naturally into my world view. .The ‘energy cliff’ graph is terrifying, but if you have an answer other than mine – a reduction in energy use,- I did not grasp it.
    I am not even clear where we differ.
    The circular economy means repair, reuse, recycle, you could add cycle, and have fewer babies. All will decimate current economic activity.when everybody does them.
    Why do you support the UBI? It is social justice, but its main purpose for me is to allow a mind set which can tolerate the necessary reduction in economic activity. I am not clear which side you are on.
    I think you are in favour of ‘Positive Money’. I worry because none of its proponents to my knowledge have shown awareness of the eco- threat. If not firmly tied to ‘eco-footprint’ taxes, PM will cause economic expansion – disastrous now..
    Where am i going wrong? (Not too long, please)

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