Final thoughts on the GP leadership elections (2020)

“The world is no longer divided by the ideologies of ‘left’ and ’right’., but by those who accept ecological limits and those who don’t”

Wolfgang Sachs, a prominent ecologist, wrote this in 2003.

Unfortunately, 17 years later, it is not yet true

Of the current contenders for Green Party leadership., only Rosi Sexton does not explicitly tie herself  to Socialism.

My vision when I helped form the Green Party in 1973 was based partly on the aftermath of the second world war. We had just overcome a serious threat, Bitter enemies had co-operated in Parliament, and there was a tacit understanding that we must pull together. Gross disparities in wealth and poverty were no longer acceptable. The rich accepted income tax of 90%.

Even before Thatcher ended that era in 1979, in 1972, Limits to Growth had warned some of us that we already faced a threat worse than Nazi domination. Some believe that coronavirus ought to be enough to re-kindle that sense of togetherness.

A few weeks ago I re-blogged Sandy Irvine’s support for Shahrar Ali., but I came down marginally in favour of Rosi, not because of her personally, but because she is making headway in Solihull, a Conservative stronghold. I have since been informed that Rosi was one of the signatories to a letter opposing Population Matters (PM) having a stall at a Green Party conference.. So it is now a moot point.

My blog post of 9th May demonstrates that I saw PM as an ally in the struggle to prevent destruction of the ecosphere even before I was aware that ‘Bright Green’ had withdrawn their attack on PM due to libellous smears. We agree that Capitalists are exploitative and ruthless, but there are already twice as many people as the ecosphsere can support, and still expanding populations which can be helped to downsize by planning, education, and giving women more choice.

The basic income has a role in this process, but it can also bring ‘left’ and ‘right’ together Persuading the better off that they must pay more in taxes may seem a tall order. But what if the alternative is worse than losing the last war? Meanwhile, the basic income will allow market forces to operate without oppression, and will appeal to budding entrepreneurs.

To be honest, nothing in Rosi Sexton’s publicity suggests her as the charismatic pioneer of this radical paradigm shift. It is Solihull. the area where she is doing well locally, that this success must  be Iranslated into parliamentary success. But at 3.7% at the 2019 general election, Rosi has a mountain to climb. That mountain has already been partially climbed elsewere, in the Isle of Wight, without local representation. But the candidate there has made the same blunder as Rosi: Her rejection of PM is unlikely to help in a Conservative area.

I persist because if the ecosphere is to be saved, we must make Wolfgang Sach’s wisdom come true..

The election is open throughout August  .I shall watch Rosi’s website to see whether she is willing to change her position on PM, especially as the original accusation was challenged and not defended.. My vote, and those of others who share Wolfgang Sach’s hope, and ultimately her parliamentary success, may depend on it.

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