Deep depression over Greenland

The depression is over me. regarding the (former) Greenland ice sheet. Or it could be about the latest ecocide in Brazil. Even CV19 is neither here nor there in halting the steadily worsening symptoms, not just round the Poles, or in the Amazon. The corals, vital for marine life, are still bleaching. Should that not have been the global wake up call?, Worst ever weather events are becoming routine. No one who matters is listening to Greta, despite the world-wide movement.

Where are those who should be saving the ecosphere for future generations? Neither Bolsonaro nor  Trump seized power by force  Nor did Scott Morrison (Australian Prime Minister) or Boris Johnson, whose initial observations on eco- threats were similar to Trump’s. All these deniers were voted in by millions of free agents.

Roger Hallam, one of the founders of XR has taken to criminal damage against those who he should regard as allies. Although I deplore his latest tactics, one can hardly say that his targets are doing what they claim.

XR itself has to some extent fallen for the class-based fallacy of enmity to Population Matters (PM). I blocked a road in Leeds as part of XR even before its official launch in 2018, because more reasonable ways of saving the ecosphere were (are) not working. That capitalists are largely to blame does not mean that there are not already twice a many people as the ecosphere can provide for.

If you read what PM actually say, as distinct from lies told about them, PM aims to give women confidence that two children will reach maturity, and education and freedom from male domination. They are allies in what I regard as vital.

When asked what use is the Green Party, my answer has always been “I have nowhere else to go”. But the Party’s main preoccuation now is transgender issues. They are not up for discussion. I’ll tell you what is not up for discussion: the consequences of societal breakdown. I agree with the transgenderists that there is no point in discussing how to manage ecological breakdown.

It has happened before, but not on a global scale. According to Professor Jared Diamond in The Rise and Fall of the third Chimpanzee (1991), there have been 37 instances of genocide since the discovery of America. There have been three since 1990. Whoever is powerful will oppress,the weak, and if necessary get rid of them when there is not enough to go round.

Next week, unless something more urgent emerges, I shall discuss the challenge by Scientiss Warning to Jem  Bendells Deep Adaptation

For me the conclusion is the same as for this week’s blog: the universal basic income (UBI) as a catalyst for all the more obvious policies which could have avoided, and might still mitigate the worst of the societal breakdown which Professor Bendell sees as inevitable, and no one else rules out.

What is needed Is a change in mind set. by individuals – all individuals – to one of confidence that they will have basic needs, whatever the state of the economy. That was certainly possible in 1972, when the MIT published Limits to Growth. Whether it is possible now seems to be a moot point.

The UBI is relevant because security makes possible a quasi-Buddhist mind set change to accepting the necessity of downsizing, Professor Bendell, or anyone, please take the UBI seriously to at least explain why the UBI will not at least help to save he ecosphere.



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