Climate change: are we winning?

I have just watched Britain’s wildest Weather 2020  (Channel 4, 8.30 – 9.30.), showing a series of worst ever occurrences, all in Britain, during 2020, each  made much worse  by climate change, as explained in the commentary. Meanwhile, a determined campaign of disinformation modelled on the ‘smoking does no cause cancer ’campaign is still active on social media

So the answer has to be, we are not doing very well at all. I could go on about the big bad three – China, Indonesia, and Brazil, whose position has been achieved and is maintained by ecocidal economies, and lesser offenders such as Australia, whose prosperity depends on exporting coal.

There are bright spots: Kate Raworth reports on Amsterdam’s progress, and this video outlines Leeds’ efforts to be carbo neutral. but they are individual bright spots, not part of a world-wide co-ordinated effort. And this is the same Leeds local authority which is pursuing a conventional Airport expansion plan.

The events shown on channel 4 are due to world-wide trends, which show no signs of abating.

At present it has only gone from the occasional house collapsing,or flood, to the odd, but entire caravan park sliding into a river. I wish I understood why I seem to be alone in in seeing the idea of giving everyone security, so that they can contemplate downsizing. as part of the way to stop the rot getting worse. It seems such a pitry ont to try to save the ecosphere.

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