The Moon that Night (case for the Basic Income)

Radio 4, 2.15pm 24th December. Repeated 10pm 26th (available for 28 days, not sure when from).

An excellent study of the clash between capitalist logic and Christian ideals.

The case for capitalism is well stated. The universal basic income (UBI) was not mentioned – to be honest it would have spoiled the plot to resolve the dilemma.  But how many ways can you spot in which the UBI will (not would) do this?

I write this when triliions are being ineffectually thrown at the recession caused by CV19, which has shown that the supposed unaffordability of a UBI no longer makes sense. I am suggesting a more generous version than the Green Party’s, which still needs a minimum wage, but nevertheless is one of which even Milton Friedman might approve.

Due to the date, Peace to all. er.. , oh perhaps a minefield to be avoided

2 responses to “The Moon that Night (case for the Basic Income)

  1. Peace to you too Clive. Please don’t ever stop campaigning for what you know to be right.

  2. Thank you Andy – missed seeing you at Hawkwood. Please keep ‘hitting’ or ‘liking’ my blogs so
    that I get more hits or liikes

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