A more specific Appeal

Last week I launched an Appeal. I think I can see a way to mitigate the disaster likely to result from exceeding the ecosphere’s limits. Others have spelled this out

This serious problem has not been tackled by homo sapiens due to reasons which I can also understand: the economy must contract if it is to reduce to sustainable levels, But what makes it really difficult. that reduction must be done co-operatively by the entire world. The first to downsize  only put themselves at a disadvantage. That is why so little has been done, but it does not really explain why ordinary folk, and those who need to remain electorally popular, have not worried about the issue for so long. I  give two reasons (more detail in this weblog):

Profits are still being made in unsustainable ways, and the block on downsizing is due to fear of insecurity, Unless some means is found to address that fear, consumerism,and hence CO2 levels will continue to rise due to economic activity, Coronavirus has given the world a gentle hint of what bigger economic shocks will cause.

The nub of my appeal is to locate, and enlist the support of everyone who recognizes that simple need:

Income security even when (not if) the economy contracts.

Saving life support systems does seem rather important.

I am not currently pressing the universal basic income. It remains my main proposal, but the  practical answer can come later (but not much later), Recognition of that need for security is what is urgent.

If you agree with me that the ecosphere can be saved by guaranteeing income security, then I appeal to you for help

I have already written to, or emailed Richard Attenborough, Kate Raworth. George Monbiot, Dr. Alice Roberts and of course, Greta Thunberg. I have also made indirect contact with Vandana Shiva and Tracy Worcester, Duchess of Beaufort. (Search for each on the internet). I have not had a reply from any of them, though George and Kate do giv e a general apology due to the sheer volume of correspondence.

However, I do have the email addresses of two professors. My hope is that these might be taken more seriously by those above, who have the ear of the media..

I shall not use identities without permission, but it would help if I had a clear idea of the numbers who support the principle that security for every individual is essential if we are to prevent the developing ecological crisis. If the problem is giving details on Facebook, my email is clive.lord83@gmail.com

I had originally hoped for dialogue with the two professors, but they have stoppled corresponding. So my request to them is to resume dialogue in view of the importance of what is at stake, or to explicitly decline to do so, preferably saying why.

Greta Thunberg started alone, not even supported by her classmates.  She is now applauded world wide. but she points out with increasing irritation that so little still being done, depite her efforts. I think I know why.

I need help if I am to help Greta.

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