Whether to Vaccinate?

I am 86. I have been vaccinated once. My partner, 82, opposes vaccination .

She has provided me with articles in the International Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine. References all pre-date Covid 19, and I cannot find them on the internet.. Here are some links available on the internet (none necessarily post Covid 19). The subject is polarized, and none are even-handed, but the Inernational Journai does mention aspects not covered in internet links to adverse reactions, some long term., which are not generally avalable

My opinion? For adults in general vaccination is advisable. For those, such as my partner and I, in vulnerable categories, it is strongly advisable. My main caveats concern children, but there is also a tendency (by those selling vaccination) for some effects to be downplayed. I am trying to be fair here. ‘Suppression’ would be too strong a word, because they will be found by those who search diligently, but that means they will tend not to be seen by those just trying to make up their minds.

I do not, at this stage, or possibly at any stage, intend to open the can of worms labelled: “Should vaccination be compulsory?” There are situations where this question must be faced up to, but not by my partner and I, in our situation, (not in a care home) at our time of life.. I value our relatonship.

My partner takes the ‘complementary’ view that humans have evolved so as to be generally resistant to diseases, provided they have a diet which includes all relevant vitamins.

But does that apply to a new virus? Her hypothesis may well be tested to its limits. At least she is extremely healthy for her age. Unlike me, she has no ‘underlying condition’.

I have had a heart attack. My partner’s stance does potentially put me at greater risk. But without state of the art medical intervention, the heart attack would have killed me in 2003. I would rather go out like a light, than the probable course of CV19 at my age and condition.

Despite regret at not having succeeded in my attempted contribution (the UBI) to saving the ecosphere, I am certainly not suicidal. But without more response to my weblog, I cannot die happy.

2 responses to “Whether to Vaccinate?

  1. If you get Corona, age 86, your chances are dim. The general belief is that the RNA viruses work better for the elderly, try and get one of those. I am not an accredited virologist, but a long time back got a scientific PhD (Cantab) and a few years later a medical degree.

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