How we might avoid a ghastly future

Instead of a new post this week, a link to my post which MAHB has published.

 It has attracted comments, but my real hope is dialogue with ‘big hitters’, just to know that any of them have are aware of it, even if they do not agree. My attempts to contact them are swamped by the thousands of emails they receive.

Greta is of course my main hope. David Attenborough would be terrific, but there are many others who have a media presence: Chris Packham, Kate Raworth, Naomi Klein, George Monbiot …

To be honest, I shall not be surprised if most of my targets do not accept my hypothesis, since this has been my experience generally. But if MAHB takes me seriously, there is hope.

3 responses to “How we might avoid a ghastly future

  1. Hello cliver

    I found this site and you look like a very smart scientist, but you seem a little uninformed about my country (Brazil)
    I’ll explain some facts about the Brazilian Amazon first, okay?

    Fact 1: The Amazon is the size of Western Europe. The Brazilian part of the Amazon is the size of India

    Fact 2: There are 35 million Brazilians, however, the indigenous represent a small part. There is a big problem with what I explain later

    Anyway let’s start

    There are 3 culprits for the destruction of the forest
    Government, NGOs, international community

    What they did?

    Well, what happens is that there is a serious imbalance between the environment and the economy. The irony here is that this imbalance was caused by that part of the environment.

    Brazil is a developing nation that has just emerged from an economic recession and is already entering another. The Brazilian Amazon has many minerals and resources that could be helping us, but we have never been able to exploit them due to the international community and NGOs

    This kind of thing harms the development of Brazil and especially of the Brazilian states that have the Amazon. The truth is that Bolsonaro is the result of the indignation of this people both for the amount of reserves and for the indigenous lands.

    It turns out that the Brazilian environmental code is the most rigid in the world, there is something called Legal Reserve, which is the percentage of the property that must remain intact the percentage varies from biome to biome


    properties located in the Legal Amazon (states that are within the Amazon)

    Keep 80% of the property in a preservation area

    properties located in the Cerrado (The Cerrado is a mixture of forest, savanna and countryside)

    Keep 30% or 35% percent of the property in a preservation area

    And in all other biomes, the preservation of 20% of the property is mandatory

    Another thing is also prohibited the suppression of vegetation in 15 meters of water bodies

    This law only exists in Brazil

    Continuing with the issue of NGOs / the international community

    Excess of indigenous lands and reserves were created in the North region (the part that is in the Amazon). It turns out that many people were left in poverty, but normally no one pays any attention to them, the international community / NGOs ignore most of the people who live there and basically only listen to the people who serve their interests, as is the case with the indigenous people. peoples and others who follow their interests.

    here’s a map

    The northern region is no longer in a position to hold more reserves and the governors themselves are already angry.

    The reason for uncontrolled deforestation is that there is no incentive to stop, remember that I said that the international community was not allowing us to exploit our part even if we have this environmental code, so how can we not, illegal deforesters will deforest a lot.

    it is not the government that is doing this it is these people who participate in illegal activities

    Do not confuse legal and illegal deforestation

    There is still a lot that needs to be explained, but I am busy now.

    I’ll come back later

    But say your opinion please

  2. I claim to be neither smart not scientist, only active in the Green Party and Extinction Rebellion. Can you say how my pfropsal (eco-gxes and a basic income would help or obstruct attempts to preserve the ecosphere? (i am aware of the Bolsa Familia)

  3. Well, it would help a lot.

    Many people benefit from Bolsa Família here in Brazil. They often end up becoming very dependent and this generates a very large tax burden and at the same time can end up being misused

    Drugs, beer and political favors are some of these problems

    With respect to the ecosphere, it can have the opposite effect, people may end up using it to buy many products that are not beneficial for the climate

    However, it would help many people to have something to eat

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