Can Annalena Baerbock rescue the Ecosphere?

Only one of my German contacts (Reinhard Huss) has responded, but Sandy Irvine offers this helpful insight A political realignment into ecologically aware, and ‘business as usual’, (as per my vision, and Wolfgang Sachs’ statement), is not ruled out, but neither indicate any such prospect. I see no evidence of anyone ready to leave the ‘Haves versus Have-nots’ conflict. But thank you Reinhard and Sandy.

But the strange phenomenon of Ms Baerbock being trusted by the business community (as I reported 2 weeks ago) must be a hopeful sign that Wolfgang Sachs’ vision is possible. That Greens should fall into the trap of being drastically redistributive, and therefore sharpening their hostility to their traditional enemies was probably inevitable in the first place.

Some time ago I thought that Zac Goldsmith might share my (naïve?) hope that the ‘Haves’ might realize that to save as much as possible of life as we know it, eco-taxes coupled with an unconditional basic income (UBI) would be a sensible sacrifice. Chessplayers would recognize this as a ‘gambit’, an apparent sacrifice of something valuable which gained a later advantage. I do wonder how Zac reconciles his hopes for the ecosphere with the ecological denialism which seems consensual among most of his political allies.

I remain desperately hopeful that someone, from either side of what should be the obsolete political divide, will at least bring my eco-taxes and ubi strategy to mainstream attention. It may have weaknesses, (I can think of  some that can be countered), but what else is here? We are still on course for a temperature rise which will at the very least cause massive crop failures. More does not bear thinking about.

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